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El – Nasr Export & Import Co. is one of the leading public enterprise sector companies, working in foreign trade field.

Here, are some of the important information of our company:

Date of company establishment: The company was established in 1958 as a share Egyptian Co.

Company capital : 64 million L.E.
Company activities:
- Importing strategic goods needed by the Egyptian market.
- Exporting Egyptian products all over the world.
- International transactions.
- Internal trading.
- Representing local and international companies
  as commercial agents.
- Customs' clearance, Marine insurance and storage for others.
- International investment.
- Printing at our company's printing house.
Abroad branches: The company has 23 overseas branches in the Arab countries, Africa and Europe.
Number of employees: We have 600 employees having long and great experience and good efficiency in foreign trade and marketing fields.

Local Branches : Alexanderia, Port Said, Suez, Domietta, Abu Sinbl .

Local Stores : One in Cairo, Five in Alexanderia, Two in Port Said, One in Suez and one in Domietta